Whom Have You There?

unwin-article1Biographies of the men behind the Portraits
Provincial Grand Lodge of Nottinghamshire

A Guide to the Portraits at Goldsmith Street’ is a series of biographies profiling the lives of leading masons in the Province of Nottinghamshire 1898 – 2011.

The biographies reflect the changing socio-economic status of these men from wealthy land owning members of the nobility to middle class business men and professionals. It is set in a period of immense change in Freemasonry with the expansion of Lodges and growth in membership.

In addition it is a period of reform which transformed the Province into one of the most efficient and disciplined in the English Constitution with a more involved and committed leadership.

The principal aim has been to reveal the man behind the portrait; not merely their Masonic Career but an insight into their everyday lives and experiences and how these have influenced their contribution to Freemasonry within the Province (and beyond) and also to the wider community.

This book succeeds in advancing the Masonic knowledge of the reader and actively encourages others to research our Masonic heritage.

The starting point for this project on Masonic portraits stemmed from a series of discussions I had with W. Brother T. Straw (Chairman of the Provincial General Purposes Committee) during October 2008. As the Provincial Grand Master observes in his Foreword to the book:

Many of us have looked around the Ionic Temple and its anteroom and asked themselves who were the men depicted in the portraits hanging from the walls. What were their names, when did they hold the office of the regalia they are wearing, and what were they outside Freemasonry?

Two years of research and writing biographies of the leaders of the Province has resulted in the book which will be launched at the Provincial Grand Lodge on 6th May 2011.

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