(L – R Andy Morley, John Davey and Ian Williams)


Maintaining the good work of promoting ; an opportunity to spread the word once more was not to be missed!


On the 17th February Middlesbrough College hosted the Teesside Business Show and John Davey of Lodge of St Hilda, Ian Williams of Zetland Lodge, and Andy Morley of Ferrum Lodge were there with the ‘What’s It All About’ stand to further enhance and promote the Public Image of Freemasonry.
The continuance of the ‘What’s it all about’ scheme is an integral aspect of maintaining and expanding this wonderful fraternity that is ‘Freemasonry’. It is through incentives such as this that we may continue to exist and, indeed, grow through stimulating peoples interest by showing them a bit more of who we are, what we do, and perhaps what we stand for…
We were approached by many of the visitors in attendance, which was great, and had we been signing up Women Masons we may have done particularly well as they certainly seemed as inquisitive, if not more than the men. Perhaps it was the sight of something cuddly on the stand? (The TLC Bear, not John…)
It is certainly heart-warming and gives you a sense of pride when people want to tell you how Freemasonry has helped or supported them and their families. We also received great support from Brethren of neighbouring Provinces such as and Northumberland, who passed on their congratulations and good wishes, in between promoting their own Businesses or attending the presentations.
Another good day well spent.
Should any Brother be aware of an event in their area that they feel would be a good platform for the ‘What’s It All About’ stand to be presented at; please contact John Davey on 01642 221153 work or 01770 013773 mobile or at HYPERLINK “”