Strasburg Constitutions 1459

These Statutes, which are undoubtedly based on the ancient ,customs and laws of the craft, were discussed and agreed on at two assemblies of Masters and Fellows, held in the manner of a chapter,” (“in Kappitelsweise,”) the first at Regensburg on Easter-day 1459, and this second shortly afterwards at Strasburg, when they were definitively adopted and promulgated.

The spirit of the German Imperial Constitution is plainly to be seen in all its . The expression “in Kappitelsweise,” which is used by no other guild, is derived from the convent meeting of the Benedictine monks, which were termed “Capitula” or Chapters. Thus also, in the Old English Constitutions, and in the Act of Parliament of Henry VI. , we find the meeting of the Masons termed “Chapters,Congregations, Assemblies, and Chambers.”

All the precepts of these statutes, which were kept secret from the profane, and were read at least once a year in the Lodges, refer especially to the moral obligation of the brethren to one another, and breathe throughout a
spirit of , strict integrity, and morality