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Cornerstone Book Publishers

Freemasons for Dummies

Brother Michael Poll at Conerstone Book Publishing posted this message today on Facebook: Attention lodges, research lodges and book sellers: Cornerstone has some new books that may be of interest to you! Lodges are often in need of good Masonic books for new Masons or new lodge officers, and we can help. Research lodges often… Continue Reading Cornerstone Book Publishers

The Spooky “Masonic” Denver Airport

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One of the murals at the Denver International Airport, painted by Leo Tanguma. Face it: anyone who has flown ever since the 9/11 attacks know that airports are Beelzebub’s satanic stock yards, where passengers are treated like so much cattle. Communities can heave all of the millions of dollars they like at an effort to… Continue Reading The Spooky “Masonic” Denver Airport

Baby Boom Retirees and Freemasonry


An article today on the Motley Fool website points to a possible reason why we should be looking at an older group of men for future Masons, and not just a myopic over-facination with only those under 30. A recent study by Merrill Lynch sought opinions from retirees about the realities of life without a job:… Continue Reading Baby Boom Retirees and Freemasonry

Speaking in Ohio and DC This Week


I’ll be traveling this week.  First, on Tuesday, May 31st, I will be speaking at Hugh H. Bates Lodge 686 in Hamilton, Ohio, near Cincinnati. It is their “More Light Night,” and all Masons are welcome to attend.  Dinner will be at 6:30 PM, and the presentation will be at 7:30 PM. The Hamilton Masonic… Continue Reading Speaking in Ohio and DC This Week

Masons Dedicate Historic Monument in North Dakota


RWs Charles Snardgrass and Jim Salvoija at Ft. Buford, ND Historic Ft. Buford in North Dakota is located at the confluence of the Yellowstone and Missouri rivers. Lewis and Clark camped here in their exploration of the West. And it was here that Sitting Bull and his decimated Sioux followers surrendered in 1881. The fort… Continue Reading Masons Dedicate Historic Monument in North Dakota

Rumblings From New Jersey


Last month I received a massive stack of information from an anonymous Mason in New Jersey, detailing an ongoing series of disquieting episodes in that state. It took a while to read through all of the information, and even after I read it, I was uncomfortable with posting it here. The problems were internal and… Continue Reading Rumblings From New Jersey

MSA Executive Secretary To Retire


From the Masonic Service Association of North America website:  George O. Braatz, Executive Secretary of the Masonic Service Association of North America, has announced his upcoming retirement. A Past Grand Master and Past Grand Secretary of Ohio, Brother Braatz is completing five years as the full-time Executive Secretary for MSA. Thomas H. Galyen, Chairman of… Continue Reading MSA Executive Secretary To Retire

The Two US Scottish Rite Jurisdictions


Brother Robert H. Johnson over on the Midnight Freemasons blog has a long post today outlining the basic, general differences between the U.S. systems of the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite Northern Masonic Jurisdiction, versus the Southern Jurisdiction. There are VERY big differences.  Robert’s post is a good primer for anyone who is interested in joining… Continue Reading The Two US Scottish Rite Jurisdictions

PGM of Hawaii Killed In Accident

Freemasons for Dummies

I received a message today from Brother Tim Yuen in Hawaii: Most Worshipful Brother Charles Wegener, Jr. Past Grand Master 2010, was taken from this earthly plane by a horrible traffic accident in California on Wednesday. A car crossed into his lane on the opposite side causing a head on collision at 60 mph. Charles was… Continue Reading PGM of Hawaii Killed In Accident